Galaxy-Intergalactic Medium Interactions

Coordinators: Andrea Ferrara, Piero Madau, Evan Scannapieco, Matthias H. Steinmetz

Recent progress in our understanding of the dark matter and dark energy content of the universe has highlighted our ignorance of the evolution of baryonic matter and its relationship with structure formation. This conference will bring together experts in theory, simulation, and observation to discuss strategies to pin down the thermal, ionization, and chemical enrichment history of the intergalactic medium(IGM) and the physics of the complex interactions between galaxies and their gaseous environments. The conference will focus on radiative, mechanical, and chemical IGM-galaxy feedback mechanisms. Radiative issues to be considered will include H2 dissociation and formation, hydrogen and helium reionization, and the nature of the ionizing background at low and high redshifts. Mechanical interactions will include the impact of galactic winds and outflows from active galactic nuclei, the formation and properties of the gaseous filaments between galaxies, and the preheating of the intracluster medium in galaxy clusters. Finally, chemical issues to be addressed will include the evolution, mixing, and spatial distribution of intergalactic metals and the enrichment of the intracluster medium.
List of invited speakers(most of them confirmed) includes:..."
T. Abel
J. Bergeron
B. Ciardi
R. Dave
A. Dekel
R. Ellis
X. Fan
N. Gnedin
M. Haehnelt
Z. Haiman
T. Heckman
A. Loeb
C. Martin
C. McKee
R. Mushotzky
M. Norman
J. Ostriker
J. Prochaska
M. Rees
W. Sargent
J. Schaye
J. Scott
V. Springel
C. Steidel
R. Sunyaev
S. White
S. Woosley