Energy and Information Transport in Non-Equilibrium Quantum Systems

Coordinators: Liliana Arrachea, Giulio Casati, David Sanchez, Anatoli Polkovnikov, and Marcos Rigol

Scientific Advisors: Leonid Glazman, Christopher Jarzysnki, Jorge Kurchan and Jukka Pekola

Many questions at the interface between quantum many-body theory and non-equilibrium dynamics are currently being addressed, including thermalization after quantum quenches and of driven quantum systems, the proper definition of heat and work in quantum mechanics, the role of coherence and entanglement, quantum fluctuations, the efficiency and power of quantum engines and the minimum achievable temperature in small quantum refrigerators, and nonequilibrium critical phenomena. These questions are related to fundamental problems and are also vital for the development of quantum technologies.

The goal of this program is to bring together several communities of experimental and theoretical physicists devoted to studying these different aspects of transport in the quantum regime. In particular, the communities of condensed matter, statistical mechanics, quantum information, photonic sciences and atomic physics.