Talking Integrability: Spins, Fields, and Strings

Coordinators: Ben Hoare, Giuseppe Mussardo, Didina Serban, Matthias Staudacher, and Masahito Yamazaki

The aim of this conference is to provide a survey of the most recent advances in the study of integrable models coming from the fields of mathematical physics, condensed-matter physics and string theory. Topics will include integrable deformations of CFTs and IQFTs, integrable spin-chains and their non-equilibrium dynamics, integrable structures on the string worldsheet, in AdS(d+1)/CFT(d) and, in the case of d=2, their relation to the CFT(2) structures. In view of the large number of recent developments and of the relative fragmentation of the community, the conference will strive to bring together researchers from across all fields and offer a pedagogical bird's-eye view of the field, suitable for integrability practitioners of all backgrounds.