Intertwined Order and Fluctuations in Quantum Materials

Coordinators: Erez Berg, Rafael Fernandes, Eun-Ah Kim, and Steven A. Kivelson

Scientific Advisors: Antoine Georges, Leo Radzihovsky

Understanding quantum materials is one of the major outstanding challenges of contemporary condensed matter physics, with implications for both technology and fundamental science. A ubiquitous feature of many strongly interacting quantum systems is the dazzling complexity of their phase diagrams, which often include several different types of electronic ordered phases with comparable onset temperatures, and extended regions of strong fluctuations associated with these electronic orders. Recently, novel types of unusual ordering patterns have been discovered in diverse solid state systems. In addition, new types of quantum states have been synthesized in tailored heterostructures and interfaces. On the theoretical side, there have been advances in both analytical and numerical methods for dealing with many-electron systems. The goal of this program is to gather world-leading experimental and theoretical experts in condensed matter physics to discuss the key issues in the study of strongly correlated matter, synthesize the recent developments, and forge the future directions of the field.

Among the topics that will be highlighted in the program are: recent developments in the understanding of complex electronic ordering in cuprates, pnictides, iridates, and ruthenates, and their implications for the general understanding of intertwined orders; skyrmion lattices in non-centrosymmetric magnets; exotic “hidden” order and spin liquid candidate materials; theoretical and experimental progress in the study of quantum criticality in metals; artificial quantum matter in heterostructures and interfaces as model strongly correlated systems; and progress in numerical and analytical methods (DMRG/tensor networks, QMC, LDA+DMFT, and the AdS-CFT correspondence) and their applications to problems mentioned above. 

An associated conference will be held from July 31-August 4, 2017.