From the Renormalization Group to Quantum Gravity: Celebrating the science of Joe Polchinski

Coordinators: Rob Leigh (University of Illinois), Don Marolf (UCSB), Djordje Minic (Virigina Tech), Eva M. Silverstein (Stanford)

Note Due to limited capacity, general registration is now closed. Please contact the coordinators if you would like to request a special exception or a place on the waiting list.

This conference celebrates Joe Polchinski's seminal contributions and continuing influence in diverse fields of physics including field theory, particle physics, condensed matter physics, string theory, cosmology, and quantum gravity.
The meeting will focus on current developments, with opportunity for transfer of ideas between fields.

This is a two day conference that includes refreshments at breaks and lunches each day, as well as a dinner on the evening of 2/27/14.

Note: This conference is by invitation only.