Gauge Theory and Langlands Duality (Minipgm)

Coordinators: Edward Frenkel, Sergei Gukov, David R. Morrison

Scientific Advisors: Nigel James Hitchin, Anton Kapustin, Gregory Moore, Nikita Nekrasov, Kari Vilonen, Edward Witten

The goal of this workshop is to explore new connections between S-duality in 4D supersymmetric gauge theory and the geometric Langlands Program. The workshop will be oriented towards physicists who want to learn this subject, including young researchers and graduate students. Among the topics to be discussed are nonperturbative aspects of gauge theory, nonlocal operators, such as surface operators, 't Hooft and Wilson operators, and their action on D-branes. These ingredients, which play an important role in gauge theories, give valuable insights into the geometric Langlands Program, and conversely, mathematical ideas and constructions are beneficial for understanding quantum field theory.

The first week of this workshop will include a tutorial intended for theoretical physicists. Confirmed lecturers include P. Aspinwall, D. Ben-Zvi, E. Frenkel, S. Gukov, A. Kapustin, D. Morrison, and K. Vilonen. Contrary to most other KITP programs, graduate students are welcome to apply.