Modern Challenges for LFT

Coordinators: Michael Creutz, John Kogut, Herbert Neuberger, Tilo Wettig

A conference entitled \'Modern Challenges for Lattice Field Theory\' will culminate the program of the same name. Its goal is the revitalization of the field in order to align it with the needs of twenty first century particle and nuclear physics.

The focus of the conference will be new directions in lattice field theory. The conference will emphasize recent developments and new challenges the field must accept to grow, develop and create a new generation of theoretical ideas and physicists who can lead theoretical phyisics beyond the Standard Model.

The conference will cover four general areas : 1. Theoretical Ideas, 2. High Energy Phenomenology, 3. QCD in Extreme Environments, and 4. Computational Methods.

Interdisciplinary exchanges will be encouraged. Under topic 1., we plan discussions of recent developments in string theory, higher dimensional field theories, ideas underlying symmetry breaking in and beyond the Standard Model, and new and developing lattice fermion formulations with good chiral and flavor properties. The phenomenology section will consider progress in developing improved actions and the goals of large-scale, accurate simulations of QCD spectroscopy and matrix elements which should impact ongoing and planned experimental programs. Interaction with RHIC and condensed matter physicists will be fostered in the QCD in Extreme Environment section where the challenges of nonzero chemical potential and the invention of new algorithms will be discussed. The computation section will consider the emerging hardware available to the field from special purpose and research-oriented industrial projects, as well as recent theoretical developments in algorithms, statistics and data analysis.

Talks and panel discussions will involve and encourage new students and researchers in the field.

Invited Speakers(* indicates not confirmed):
M. Chanowitz *
T. Cohen *
P. Damgaard
R. Edwards *
Ph. de Forcrand *
D. Gross *
S. Hands
S. Hashimoto *
A. Kennedy *
D. Kharzeev *
J. Kuti
K-F Liu
H. Neuberger
K. Orginos *
D.T. Son
R. Sugar
M. Stephanov *
A. Thomas
T. Wettig
U. Wolff