Stress-testing the Standard Model at the LHC

Coordinators: Bryan Webber, Eric Laenen, Tom LeCompte, and Doreen Wackeroth

With the high-energy run of the LHC now underway, and clear manifestations of beyond-Standard-Model physics not yet seen in data from the previous run, the search for new physics at the LHC may be a quest for small deviations with big consequences. If clear signals are present, precise predictions and measurements will again be crucial for extracting the maximum information from the data, as in the case of the Higgs boson. Precision will therefore remain a key theme for particle physics research in the coming years. 

The conference will provide a forum for experimentalists and theorists to identify the challenges and refine the tools for high-precision tests of the Standard Model and searches for signals of new physics at Run II of the LHC. Topics to be discussed include: pinning down Standard Model corrections to key LHC processes; combining fixed-order QCD calculations with all-order resummations and parton showers; new developments in jet physics concerning jet substructure, associated jets and boosted jets; combining QCD and electroweak radiative corrections; and the role of precision calculations in the search for beyond-Standard-Model physics. The aim will be to stimulate theoretical and experimental developments that probe the limits of our current understanding most effectively.