New Directions in Low-Dimensional Electron Systems

Coordinators: Herbert Abraham Fertig, Dongning Sheng, Ziqiang Wang, Kun Yang

Electron physics in low-dimensions is a rapidly evolving field, in which new experimental systems and new conceptual frameworks have appeared in the last few years, in a variety of contexts.  This conference will focus on some of these new developments, bringing together researchers working on several of such systems to explore their connections with one another, and with more traditional condensed matter systems. 

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Graphene
  • Quantum Hall Effects
  • Topological States of Low Dimensional Electrons
  • Low Dimensional Atomic Gases
  • Low Dimensional Systems

Partial list of invited speakers:

  • Bassov, Dimitri
  • Bloch, Immanuel
  • Brey, Luis
  • Cooper, Nigel
  • Das Sarma, Sankar
  • Eisenstein, Jim
  • Freedman, Michael
  • Gervais, Guillaume
  • Guinea, Francisco
  • Haldane, F. Duncan
  • Halperin, Bertrand
  • Heiblum, Moty
  • Kim, Philip
  • Kivelson, Steven
  • Lau, Jeanie
  • Le Hur, Karyn
  • Lee, Dung-Hai
  • Nayak, Chetan
  • Ong, N. Phuan
  • Pellegrini, Vittorio
  • Read, Nick
  • Sachdev, Subir
  • Seidel, Alexander
  • Shayegan, Mansour
  • Shimshoni, Efrat
  • Spielman, Ian
  • Stern, Ady
  • Valles, James
  • Wen, Xiao-Gang
  • Willett, Bob
  • Wu, Congjun