Novel States in Spin-Orbit Coupled Quantum Matter: from Models to Materials

Coordinators: Liang Fu, George Jackeli, Hae-Young Kee, Yong-Baek Kim

Scientific Advisors: Leon Balents, Hidenori Takagi

Over the last few years, there has been an upsurge of interest in systems where new physical phenomena may emerge as the result of interplay of relativistic spin-orbit interaction, electron correlation and band-structure topology. A plethora of exotic states of matter have been theoretically proposed and intensively explored experimentally in new compounds of late transition metals and rare earth elements. These novel states of matter include spin-orbit Mott insulators, quantum spin-liquids and spin-ice, correlated topological insulators and semi-metals, topological superconductors, and ‘hidden’ multipolar phases.

The aim of this one-week conference is to provide a platform for discussions among the experts in theory, experiment, and material design to share current insights, to make precise connections between theoretical proposals and real materials, and to define future directions for exploring new quantum states of matter in spin-orbit coupled systems.

PLEASE NOTE: During the conference there will be an opportunity to present a poster. If you are interested in presenting a poster please visit the conference website and submit your title and abstract.  Each poster board is 4 feet high x 6 feet wide. We ask that the posters be no larger than 44 inches high x 34 inches wide at the most.

Note:  We have now reached capacity for this conference.  If you wish to be placed on the waiting list in the event of cancellations, please complete a registration form now, and we will automatically put you on the wait list when we receive it.  Please do *not* pay the registration fee at this time. Determination of available space will be made by June 26, 2015 to allow time to make travel plans.