Quantitative Methods in Materials Research

Coordinators: A. Cheetham, James S. Langer, Sidney Yip

A principal theme of this program will be applications of theory and simulation to solutions of critical problems in industrial materials technology. An important purpose is to explore new modes of interaction between academic scientists and those at industrial and government supported laboratories. Special attention will be paid to connections between microscopic and mesoscopic properties in the development of predictive models of complex processes.

A feature of this program will be 4 focus periods or miniworkshops:

  • "Solidification Modeling", January 27-31, 1997
  • "Fracture and Interfaces", February 13-15, 1997
  • "Dislocations and Polycrystalline Plasticity", March 27-29, 1997
  • "Interatomic Potentials and Linking Scales", June, 1997