New Perspectives in Many-body Physics with Quantum Optical Systems

Coordinators: Darrick Chang, Aashish Clerk, and Alejandro Gonzalez Tudela

There has been an explosion of new experimental platforms to explore and control the quantum interactions between atoms and light. These include dense atomic media either in the form of ordered arrays or disordered ensembles, to nanophotonic or nanophotonics-inspired interfaces, to quantum electrodynamical circuits coupled to superconducting qubits. These new platforms exhibit an additional complexity not found in conventional atom-light interfaces, arising from factors such as the ability to engineer the dispersion relation of light, the reduced system dimensionality, and/or non-perturbative multiple light scattering. This conference will gather a diverse set of researchers together in order to exchange state-of-the art developments and to discuss, identify and pose grand challenges and opportunities for the field in the near future. Experimentalists working in these fields are encouraged to participate and share their perspectives of future experimental capabilities of many-body quantum optical systems. Researchers in related fields (such as Rydberg atom arrays, ultracold molecules, superconducting qubits for quantum computing, etc.) who see opportunities in linking with quantum optics are also welcome to attend. This broad exchange should catalyze important themes for discussion and development in the field.