Motterials: Spin, Orbital, and Lattice Physics Near the Mott Transition

Coordinators: Matthew P.A. Fisher, Daniil I. Khomskii, George A. Sawatzky, Nicola Spaldin, Oleg Tchernyshyov

The MOTTERIALS conference will highlight the most recent developments in the physics of materials whose behavior is dominated by strong correlations between electrons. Researchers from three focus areas:

  1. The synthesis of novel materials displaying correlated phenomena such as multiferroism, frustrated magnetism, colossal magnetoresistance and charge and orbital ordering,
  2. Their characterization using the latest advances in neutron diffraction, x-ray scattering, high-resolution microscopy and photoemission, and
  3. The understanding and prediction of new strongly correlated phenomena using state-of-the-art theoretical and computational techniques,

will pool their expertise to define and address the most pressing current problems in the field.

Confirmed speakers include:

Damascelli, Andrea (U. British Columbia)
Egami, Takashi (Oak Ridge/U. Tenn)
Fiebig, Manfred (U. Bonn)
Goodenough, John (UT Austin)
Hwang, Harold (U. Tokyo)
Keimer, Bernard (MPI Stuttgart)
Kim, Yong Baek (U. Toronto)
Lee, Seung-Hun (U. Virginia)
L'Huillier, Claire (UPMC/IUF)
Loidl, Alois (U. Augsburg)
Louca, Despina (U. Virginia)
Mandrus, David (Oak Ridge)
Mazin, Igor (NRL)
Mila, Frederic (EPFL)
Millis, Andrew (Columbia)
Mitchell, John (Argonne)
Moessner, Roderich (U. Oxford)
Nagaosa, Naoto (U. Tokyo)
Nakatsuji, Satoru (U. Kyoto)
Picozzi, Silvia (CNR/INFM)
Radaelli, Paolo (ISIS)
Seshadri, Ram (UCSB)
Thomas, Jessica (Nature Nanotechnology)
Tjeng, Hao (U. Koeln)
Todadri, Senthil (IISC/MIT)
Tokura, Yoshi (U. Tokyo)
Valenti, Roser (U. Frankfurt)
van den Brink, Jeroen (U. Leiden)

E-mail the lead coordinator Nicola Spaldin if you are interested in presenting a poster/giving a contributed talk. Limited space/time available.