Nanoscience Conference

Coordinators: Carlo W.J. Beenakker, Michael F. Crommie, Yoseph Imry, Paul McEuen

Focus and Scope

Nanoscale systems, which are at the focus of impressive experimental developments, offer new insights on fundamental questions in physics and include systems studied traditionally by chemists and biologists. Among the fundamental issues are the role of quantum fluctuations and strong electron correlations, the quantum-classical crossover, and the gradual buildup of macroscopic behavior. Novel material properties and unexpected device applications are emerging as well. Connections are developing with previously distinct branches of physics, such as quantum optics and quantum measurement theory.

The Nanoscience Conference will highlight some of the very recent theoretical and experimental developments in this exciting field. It is organized at the beginning of a four-month ITP program devoted to physics on the nanoscale. The week of August 20 will have the largest concentration of participants and is an ideal opportunity for intensive questioning and discussion on existing theories and interpretations of experimental results.

Updated information on speakers may be found on this page periodically;  lodging and other information may be found on the registration form.  The schedule of events is now available. Please see the links at the top of this page.

Speakers include:

P. Alivisatos(Berkeley), B. Barbara(Grenoble),
P.W. Brouwer(Cornell), R. DePicciotto(Bell/Lucent),
L.I. Glazman(Minnesota), C. Kane(Philadelphia),
K. von Klitzing(Stuttgart), R.B Laughlin(Stanford),
A.H. MacDonald(Austin), C.M. Marcus(Harvard),
P. McEuen(Cornell), Y. Meir(Beer-Sheva),
K. Moler(Stanford), J.E. Mooij(Delft),
Y. Nakamura(NEC), A. van Oudenaarden(MIT),
M.L. Roukes(Caltech), I. Rouzine(Tufts),
J.M. van Ruitenbeek(Leiden), R. Schoelkopf(Yale),
H. Takayanagi(NTT), S. Vitkalov(New York),
N. Zhitenev(Bell/Lucent), and others.


Please register using the online registration form. The registration fee is $300, due on July 20, 2001 (after that date add $50 late fee). The total number of participants is limited, and early registration is recommended to secure your place. 


For further information or questions, contact Dorene genderton Iverson,  ITP Conference Assistant.