Neutrinos: Data, Cosmos, and Planck Scale

Coordinators: Vernon Barger, George M. Fuller, Wick C. Haxton, Boris Kayser, Hitoshi Murayama, Thomas J. Weiler

Over the next two years, a number of new results on neutrino mass are expected. These experiments should dramatically clarify the current sources of evidence for neutrino mass and mixing. The major topics for this workshop will be: Formulation of a systematic strategy for studying neutrino properties, making use of both terrestrial and astrophysical sources; Study of the nature of astrophysical neutrino sources and their predicted fluxes; Study of constraints on neutrino properties from cosmology and the possible roles of neutrinos in cosmology; Study of the implications of possible neutrino mass pattern for the origin of flavor and for unifying schemes of particle physics.The workshop will be divided into three segments, each with a different area of concentration. In the first segment, we will discuss the latest experimental results on neutrino mixing, and we will invite experimentalists to discuss the current experiments and possible future facilities. In the second segment, we will discuss astrophysical consequences of neutrinos. We expect to draw a number of astrophysicists to come for a focused effort during this period. The third segment will discuss consequences of specific model frameworks and the overall strategy for testing these frameworks with multiple determinations of the neutrino mixing parameters.

There will be a conference for this program that runs from March 3rd to March 7th, 2003.