Recent Progress in the Experimental and Theoretical search for Pair-Density-Wave Order

Coordinators: Eduardo Fradkin, Steven Kivelson, Vidya Madhavan, and John Tranquada

In the last year, there have been a number of new experimental observations in various cuprate superconductors that significantly bolster the evidence of the existence of pair-density-wave order in at least some portions of the cuprate phase diagram. At the same time, new theoretical proposals have been mooted of the existence of pair-density-wave order in other material platforms, including twisted graphene multilayers and the new class of “Kagome” superconductors. (There have also been some suggestive experimental observations in some of these other materials.) It thus seems timely to assemble a group of people interested in these developments to critically assess how compelling they are, and to explore the common issues that must be addressed across multiple material platforms concerning both the theory of how such a state arises (“mechanism”) and how their presence and properties can be unambiguously probed (“phenomenology”).