Pattern Formation in Physics and Biology

Coordinators: Eberhard Bodenschatz, Nigel Goldenfeld, Peter Jung, Herbert Levine, Steven J. Schiff

The physics of pattern formation, by which we mean the mechanisms responsible for formation of structures in space(and possibly in time), encompasses a broad range of issues, methods, and applications. The field has made enormous strides in its first several decades and one can easily trace progress in such diverse topics as crystal growth, convective fluid motion, catalytic chemistry, intracellular signaling, and nonlinear waves in excitable tissues to ideas that originated in pattern formation physics. Given this diversity, however, it is often difficult for researchers to fully keep track of what their colleagues are trying to accomplish, as the questions being investigated can often be buried beneath a great deal of application-specific details. The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for the reconnection of these disparate efforts back to their core, by having scientists who are actively working on pattern formation in these different areas communicate to each other the specific challenges posed by these different systems and the specific needs for methodological advances(both theoretical and experimental) that they foresee. Areas to be covered include fluid flow, materials science, nonlinear chemical reactions, and especially, biological/medical processes.

Scheduled speakers:
Dr. Guenter Ahlers (UCSB)
Prof. F. Barra(University of Chile)
Prof. Eshel Ben-Jacob(Tel-Aviv Univ.)
Prof. Joel Brock(Cornell)
Prof. K. Daniels(Duke)
Prof. B. Davidovitch(Exxon)
Dr. David Egolf(Georgetown Univ)
Dr. Lars English(Cornell)
Prof. I. Epstein(Brandeis)
Dr. Martin Falcke(Hahn Meitner Inst.)
Prof. M. Falk(University of Michigan)
Prof. Robert Gilmour(Cornell Univ.)
Dr. Peter Jung (Ohio University)
Prof. R. Kapral(Toronto)
Prof. Alain S. Karma(Northeastern Univ.)
Prof. David A. Kessler(Bar-Ilan Univ)
Prof. K. J. Lee(Korea University)
Prof. Joceline Lega(Univ. Arizona)
Prof. E. Meron(Ben-Gurion University)
Dr. Chaouqi Misbah(Univ. J. Fourier)
Dr. Stephen Morris(Univ. Toronto)
Prof. F. Moss(Univ. of Missouri at St. Loius)
Prof. Wouter-Jan Rappel(UCSD)
Prof. John Ross(Stanford University)
Prof. Andrew Rutenberg(Dalhousie Un)
Prof. Leonard Sander(Univ. Michigan)
Dr. Steven Schiff (George Mason University)
Dr. Theodore Schwartz (Weill Cornell Medical College)
Prof. E. Sharon(University of Texas)
Dr. Matt Strain (UCSD)
Dr. Vernon L. Towle (The University of Chicago)
Dr. James Aaron "Jim" Warren(NIST)