Planet Formation: Terrestrial and Extra Solar

Coordinators: Douglas N.C. Lin, Jonathan Lunine, Norman Murray

The Conference on Planet Formation: Terrestrial and Extra Solar will be held near the end of a three month workshop of the same name. The purpose of the conference is to discuss topics in planet formation, evolution, and detection.

A preliminary list of topics is:

Grain growth
Planetesimal formation
Core formation
Formation of ice giants
Gas giant formation
Planet-disk interaction--migration, eccentricity, resonant capture
Gas disk dispersal
Tidal interactions
Planetary atmospheres

Speakers(to be confirmed):

Fred Adams
Pawel Artymowicz
Charles Beichman
Robin Canup
Martin Duncan
Debra Fischer
Peter Goldreich
Shigeru Ida
Willi Kley
Charles Lada
Greg Laughlin
Hal Levison
Hui Li
Doulglas Lin
Jack Lissauer
Renu Malhotra
Norm Murray
Richard Nelson
Gordon Ogilvie
Re\'em Sari
Adam Showman
David Stevenson
William Ward
Stuart Weidenschilling