Searches and Machine Learning Meet the Precision Frontier

Coordinators: Stefania Gori, Benjamin Nachman, Mihoko Nojiri, Gavin Salam, and Giulia Zanderighi

This conference has been cancelled. The associated program will be held online. Those interested in the online program should apply via the link on the program webpage.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s facility for probing fundamental physics at the electroweak scale and well beyond. As it enters a new phase of extended data accumulation, two broad challenges emerge: how to fulfill the potential for percent-level precision with the large dataset, and how to maximise the information that can be extracted from each event about the underlying scattering process, in particular with machine learning. Solving these problems will have an impact across a wide range of physics topics: establishing the properties of the newly discovered interactions of the Higgs sector and understanding electroweak symmetry breaking, enhancing the sensitivity of searches for physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM), and precision measurements of a range of fundamental parameters in the Standard Model.

The conference will bring together BSM and SM theorists, machine-learning experts and LHC experimenters to discuss these questions in view of the most recent experimental results, and examine the most promising avenues for exploiting the data that is to come in Run 3 and beyond.