Observations and Theoretical Challenges in Primordial Cosmology

Coordinators: Richard Bond, Christopher Hirata, Eva Silverstein, Kendrick Smith, Matias Zaldarriaga

Note This conference is now full.

New cosmological data promises to answer some longstanding questions about the quantum seeds for structure in the universe. As results begin to emerge from the Planck satellite, other CMB detectors, and large-scale structure surveys, we will bring together observational and theoretical cosmologists to share results and discuss their implications for primordial cosmology. Over the years, a variety of interesting mechanisms for inflationary dynamics and perturbations have emerged. Useful input comes both from systematic low energy field theory and from the structure of UV completions, both of which have helped optimize the comparison of data with inflationary theory. This conference will assess the current status of these ideas along with the measurements which test them.

We will also explore opportunities for new probes of cosmology which may be amenable to future measurements. Some related problems in theoretical cosmology are amenable only to thought experiments, and we will also share results and approaches to these questions.