Concepts and Methods in Quantum Control: Theory and Experiment

Coordinators: Gustav Gerber, Mikhail Ivanov, Navin Khaneja

Scientific Advisors: Steffen J. Glaser, David J. Tannor

Quantum control refers to the application of controlled coherent interactions to direct the dynamics of quantum systems. It is one of the most exciting frontiers in atomic, molecular and optical physics, spanning physics, chemistry and applied mathematics. There are at least five or six subcommunities within quantum control that work on different physical systems and use different languages: the chemical reaction dynamics community, the attosecond community, the NMR community, the quantum optics community, the quantum information community, and the mathematically oriented quantum control theorists.

The conference will bring together leading theorists and experimentalists in each of these subcommunities. In addition to the usual lecture format, an important part of the conference will be panel discussions with two specific goals in mind:

  1. to close the gap between theory and experiment and
  2. to explore the transferability of concepts and methods from one subcommunity to another.