Light Meets Matter: Atoms and Lasers

Coordinators: Mikhail Ivanov

This one-day conference will review different aspects of an exciting frontier in atomic, molecular and optical physics: the use of carefully taylored pulses of light to tame, control and follow the motion of electrons and nuclei in atoms and molecules. Applications of this field of research span physics, chemistry, biology, and applied mathematics. They can be found in attosecond science (1 attosecond=10^{-18} sec), which attempts to image the motion of electrons in atoms and molecules. They arise in photo-chemistry, as an approach to controlling chemical reactions. In quantum information and quantum computing, they contribute to the technology used to manipulate quantum bits. They are used to manipulate the motion of atoms and molecules at the temperatures almost equal to absolute zero. In microscopy, they allow one to enhance the contrast and resolution of the images. These topics will form the focus of the conference.

Geared toward secondary school physics teachers. KITP is eager to include teachers from population groups under represented in physics.

Space is still available. If you do not require financial assistance to attend, please apply. You may still apply and request financial assistance for travel and local expenses, but please note there may not be funds available.

Misha Ivanov, Imperial College, London, coordinator of conference

1. Prof Peter Knight, Imperial College, will speak on Quantum Optics and more broadly on Quantum Information.
2. Prof Paul Corkum, NRC and Ottawa Univerisity, Canada, will speak on Attosecond Science.
3. Prof Yaron Silberberg, the Weizmann Institute, will speak on Multiphoton Microscopy.
4. Prof. Martin Plenio, Imperial College, will speak on Clocks and Entanglement.