Quantum Fields beyond Perturbation Theory

Coordinators: Henriette Elvang, Zohar Komargodski, Joe Polchinski

Scientific Advisors: Ken Intriligator, Anton Kapustin, Slava Rychkov

Quantum field theory has been the fundamental framework of quantum physics for well over half a century, but many open questions remain about its behavior at strongly coupling. In recent years new methods have arisen to address this.

This conference will cover in a broad way recent progress in quantum field theory. Subjects include general constraints on renormalization flows; entanglement entropy; conformal correlation functions and bootstrap methods; the conformal window in four dimensional gauge theories; exact results in supersymmetric theories, by localization and other methods; six dimensional CFT's and connections between theories in different dimensions; supersymmetric Chern-Simons theories; higher spin gravity theories and their holographic connection with CFTs; nonrelativistic CFT's; new applications of effective field theory; and other topics.