Quantum Information Science

Coordinators: David P. DiVincenzo, Debbie Leung, Daniel Loss, Wim van Dam

Scientific Advisors: Sankar Das Sarma, Peter Zoller

This program will bring together researchers in computer science, mathematics, information theory, and theoretical and experimental physics to tackle outstanding questions in quantum information science. Over the past decade researchers have obtained foundational results in crucial areas of this emerging field. Yet, many more obstacles have to be overcome, both theoretical and experimental, before we can realize the potential of processing information in a quantum mechanical manner. Meanwhile, many powerful techniques and ideas have been developed but have yet to be widely assimilated. The program will provide many opportunities to become familiar with these results and to foster collaboration to resolve some of the outstanding problems.

The topics in quantum information science on which we hope to focus include

  • Algorithms
  • Error Correction, Fault Tolerance
  • Physics of Decoherence
  • Cryptography
  • Complexity Theory
  • Shannon Theory
  • Physical Implementations: Theory and Experiment

Experimentalists are encouraged to apply.