A New Spin on Quantum Magnets

Coordinators: Cristian Batista, Natalia Perkins, Lucile Savary, and Oleg Starykh

Recent progress in magnetism has been driven by embracing the complexity of magnetic materials with entangled spin, orbital and lattice degrees of freedom and by understanding the emergent behaviors enabled by quantum mechanics. These efforts are opening new research horizons in the field of quantum magnetism. This program aims to push the boundaries of cutting edge topics of quantum magnetism, including effects of single quasiparticle versus fractionalized excitation continuum in frustrated and weakly ordered magnets, their description in terms of “beyond spin waves” analytical and numerical approaches and their manifestations in thermal transport measurements, as well as in multidimensional THz spectroscopy. Moreover, the impact of disorder and spin-lattice interactions on quantum spin liquids will be addressed, as will quantum magnetism of two-dimensional Moiré systems.

Our main goal is to provide a forum for international scientists to share the most recent developments in quantum magnetism and to connect theoretical advances in quantum dynamics and thermal transport with experimental and numerical studies.