New Directions in Quantum Metrology

Coordinators: Andrew N. Jordan, Klaus Mølmer and Marianna Safronova

The essence of quantum metrology is to make use of quantum phenomena to improve parameter estimation and measurements, which are at the heart of a myriad of scientific and technological applications. Progress in quantum metrology (QM) is a fundamental endeavor that fuels progress in many other fields and new ideas keep emerging for taking QM to unprecedented levels of accuracy, in part motivated by concomitant advances in the ability to manipulate quantum systems. The aim of this program is to bring together experts in several emerging areas of quantum metrology: metrology beyond the standard quantum limit for fundamental physics applications and use of coherent control to boost metrological precision in time-dependent systems. The languages and concepts used in these different fields are often disparate, and one of the program objectives is to facilitate the communication and exchange of ideas among the different communities to spearhead the advances in the QM field and its applications.