Quantum Phase Transitions

Coordinators: Andrey V. Chubukov, Piers Coleman, Dirk K Morr, Michael R. Norman, Hilbert von Löhneysen

The conference associated with the Quantum Phase Transition program at the KITP-Santa Barbara, will be held January 18-21, 2005. A tentative program is below. The "talks" will be of a unique format, with 15 minutes for the talk and 25 minutes for discussion. The format is designed to encourage audience participation. There will also be several "review talks"(marked by R) which will be 20 minutes for the talk, 20 minutes for discussion. We believe this unique format of talk and discussion will lead to a very exciting conference for all the participants.

Tentative Program

1. Heavy Fermion I - Catherine Pepin(R), Philipp Gegenwart*, Paul Canfield, Subir Sachdev, Kevin Ingersent

2. High Tc Cuprates - Brad Marston(R), Dirk van der Marel, Christos Panagopoulos, Chandra Varma, Patrick Lee

3. Ferromagnetic Quantum Critical Points - Andrew Schofield(R), Gilbert Lonzarich*, Dietrich Belitz, Dmitri Maslov, Meigan Aronson

4. Heavy Fermion/Ferro QCP II - John Sarrao(R), Christian Pfleiderer, Antoine Georges*, Indranil Paul

5. Disordered Systems - Thomas Vojta(R), Vladimir Dobrosavljevic, Greg Stewart, Sergey Kravchenko

6. Other Systems - Hans Peter Buechler(R), Tom Rosenbaum, Joe Polchinski(R), Scott Thomas(R)

(* to be confirmed)

Besides these six regular sessions, we plan a discussion session entitled "To Do or Not To Do: The Question of Integrating Out the Fermions in Quantum Critical Models", plus an afternoon free for sightseeing.

We hope you can all join us in lovely Santa Barbara.

List of speakers:
Catherine Pepin
Philipp Gegenwart
Paul Canfield
Subir Sachdev
Kevin Ingersent
Brad Marston
Dirk van der Marel
Christos Panagopoulos
Chandra Varma
Patrick Lee
Andrew Schofield
Meigan Aronson
Gilbert Lonzarich
Dietrich Belitz
Dmitri Maslov
John Sarrao
Christian Pfleiderer
Antoine Georges
Indranil Paul
Thomas Vojta
Vladimir Dobrosavljevic
Sergey Kravchenko
Greg Stewart
Hanspeter Buechler
Tom Rosenbaum
Joe Polchinski
Scott Thomas