Electron Correlations beyond the Quasiparticle Paradigm: Theory and Experiment

Coordinators: Peter Armitage, Lara Benfatto, Andrey Chubukov, Sean Hartnoll, and Dmitrii Maslov

The aim of this conference is to bring together theorists and experimentalists working on materials not conforming to the Fermi-liquid paradigm, triggering a discussion of new theoretical and experimental results that continue to change our view of quantum matter. A key goal is to exchange ideas and try to establish consensus on the most basic question: ``Which non-Fermi liquid observations can be understood by cleverly applying textbook formulae and which observations require a more radical departure from the quasiparticle framework?” We specifically plan to discuss electron transport beyond the quasiparticle paradigm, the status of a putative Planckian limit on scattering, and the nature of Cooper pairing without quasiparticles, and collective modes in systems without well-defined quasiparticles. We also plan to have talks on recent developments in quantum Monte Carlo simulations and other numerical methods, and compare the results of these studies with analytical results of effective low- energy theories.