Non-equilibrium dynamics of stochastic and quantum integrable systems

Coordinators: Alexei Borodin, Pasquale Calabrese, Vadim Gorin, Takashi Imamura, and Sandrine Peche

In recent years, significant efforts have been devoted to the study of the large-time / large-scale behavior of non-equilibrium integrable dynamics of both stochastic and quantum systems. Although the exact meaning of the word "integrable" changes from field to field, and also from model to model, a general feature of all these systems is the possibility to extract an exact solution and to perform the explicit computations of various physical observables or expectations of stochastic ones. The aim of this conference is to bring together experts from physics and mathematics working with integrable models, and try to understand the relations between diverse approaches to this exact integrability.

Despite the existence of many connections (such as the appearance of quantum integrable systems in the replica analysis of stochastic ones), the questions and methods in various branches are very different and sometimes even completely disjoint. The hope is that this conference will lead to cross-fertilization of ideas and will stimulate new approaches to old problems as well as generate new problems solvable with old methods.