Resurgence in Gauge and String Theory

Coordinators: Gökçe Başar, Christopher Howls, Wolfgang Lerche, and Ricardo Schiappa

Asymptotics is one of the most powerful mathematical tools in theoretical physics, and recent progress in the modern theory of resurgent asymptotic analysis (using trans-series) has recently begun to be applied systematically to many current problems of interest in physics, such as matrix models, string theory, and quantum field theory. Mathematically, much progress has been made in the asymptotics of differential and difference equations, both linear and nonlinear, and physical applications have highlighted the importance of localization, complex integrable systems, infinite-dimensional Morse theory, saddle-point analysis of path integrals and Picard-Lefschetz theory.

The goal of this conference is to bring together experts in these diverse fields of physics and mathematics along with experts in areas such as gauge theory, string theory, and lattice theory, in order to exchange new ideas and techniques, and to identify the salient problems to be addressed in the near future.