Snowmass Theory Frontier Conference

Coordinators: Nathaniel Craig, Csaba Csaki, and Aida El-Khadra

A meeting of the Theory Frontier of the Particle Physics Community Planning Exercise (``Snowmass’’), this KITP Conference aims to articulate the recent advances and future opportunities in all aspects of theory relevant to High Energy Physics (HEP) including particle theory, formal/string theory, cosmological and astro-particle theory, and quantum information science. Open to all members of the HEP theory community, this meeting will also provide an opportunity to cultivate interactions between theorists working across all frontiers of Snowmass.

The conference is currently planned to take place primarily in-person, with a remote participation option for those unable to travel to Santa Barbara. 

Zoom auto transcription will be used for captioning during the live talks and audio receivers are available for in-person participants. Talks will be recorded and made available with transcripts from

Participate in discussion on Slack via the #tf-conference channel of the snowmass2021 workspace, or follow along on Twitter at @theoryfrontier.