Solar Magnetism and Related Astrophysics

Coordinators: George H. Fisher, Dana W. Longcope

The Institute will host a program on Solar Physics that is devoted to the evolution of magnetic fields on the Sun, the energetic consequences of magnetic field evolution, and crossover applications to astrophysics, such as accretion disks and active stars. Areas of focus during the workshop will include:(1) The origin and evolution of magnetic fields in the solar interior, with a particular emphasis on relating the observed fields at the surface of the Sun to their subsurface properties,(2) The role that changing magnetic fields in the corona play in the explosive release of energy,(with an emphasis on reconnection and particle acceleration during solar flares),(3) how magnetic field evolution at the photospheric level drives coronal mass ejections and solar wind flows, and(4) the application of the lessons learned from the Sun to other astrophysical environments.