Visitors' Photos (spintr-c06)
Gerhard Abstreiter
Distinguished Visitor - QUEST
Walter Schottky Institut, Technischen Universität München
Dimitri Bassov
University of California, San Diego
Bob Buhrman
Cornell University
Michael Coey
Professor of Experimental Physics
Trinity College, Dublin
Paul Crowell
Associate Professor
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Bert Halperin
Harvard University
Tom Kennedy
Research Physicist
Naval Research Laboratory
Hideo Ohno
Tohoku University
Stuart Parkin
IBM Fellow
Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics
Jason Petta
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Physics
Harvard University
Em Rashba
Visiting Scholar
Harvard University
William Rippard
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Dan Rugar
Experimental Physicist
IBM Corporation
Peter Schiffer
The Pennsylvania State University
Christian Schoenenberger
Universität Basel
Vanessa Sih
Graduate Student
University of California, Santa Barbara
John Sipe
University of Toronto
Jo Stöhr
Director, SSRL
Stanford University
Steve von Molnár
Professor of Physics and Director
Florida State University
Steven Watts
Research fellow
University of Groningen