Star Formation, Then and Now

Coordinators: Tom Abel, Alyssa A. Goodman, Christopher F. McKee, Paolo Padoan

The process of star formation is central to astrophysics as stars are important energy sources for the interstellar medium, they drive the evolution and chemical enrichment of galaxies, and they are at least partly responsible for reionizing the universe. In this conference we focus on five areas:

  1. Primordial Star Formation
  2. Turbulence and Magnetic Fields in Star Formation
  3. Origin of Massive Stars
  4. Origin of Clusters
  5. Redshift Evolution of Galaxy-Scale Star Formation Processes

These are the same topics of the KITP workshop “Star Formation Through Cosmic Time”, and we hope this conference will identify important questions and generate fruitful discussions that will be further pursued during the workshop.

The conference format leaves plenty of time for discussion, through long coffee and lunch breaks, and 40-minute discussion sessions at the end of each day. The talks are relatively short: 45 minutes for review talks (of which 15 minutes for questions) and 30 minutes for talks (of which 10 for questions).

E-mail Coordinator Paolo Padoan ( if you are interested in presenting a poster. Limited space available.