Spacetime and String Theory

Coordinators: Lara Anderson, Rajesh Gopakumar, Thomas Hartman, and Xi Yin

String theory encompasses a wide range of perspectives on the nature of spacetime, from qubit models of black hole information to the string worldsheet. This conference will aim for a new synthesis of the field that builds on recent progress on the role of quantum information, new top-down techniques in string compactification and string field theory, and growing evidence for precise holographic dualities beyond anti-de Sitter space. The focus will be on bridging the divide between the IR and the UV. We will explore recent progress in non-perturbative string theory and stringy constraints on effective field theory, and develop the connections between the gravitational path integral, higher topologies, and entanglement, from low energy to the string scale.

Confirmed speakers include:

Alejandra Castro

Ashoke Sen

Chi-Ming Chang

Eva Silverstein

Hiroshi Ooguri

Jake McNamara

Jonathan Heckman

Jonathan Sorce

Juan Maldacena

Kasia Budzik

Manki Kim

Martin Schnabl

Micha Berkooz

Mukund Rangamani

Naomi Gendler

Sameer Murthy

Scott Collier

Sebastian Mizera

Shreya Vardhan

Shu-Heng Shao

Tadashi Takayanagi

Veronika Hubeny

Luca Iliesiu

Victor Rodriguez

Wati Taylor

Xi Dong

Zohar Komargodski