Transport in Stellar Interiors

Coordinators: Adam Jermyn, Daniel Lecoanet, and Jamie Tayar

Many of the largest uncertainties in the physics of stars are related to transport in their interiors, including the transport of heat, chemical elements, and angular momentum. Our current understanding of these processes has been challenged and refined by recent advances in observational data, including TESS and spectroscopic studies, by new work on 1D models, and by the ability to generate more sophisticated 3D simulations. This conference will bring together members of the community working on transport processes from a variety of angles, including observations, theoretical calculations, and stellar models, with an emphasis on how these techniques can be combined to improve our understanding of stellar physics.

PLEASE NOTE: During the conference there will be an opportunity to present a contributed talk. If you are interested in presenting please visit this link submit your title and abstract. Please submit before the deadline of October 29th.