Recurrence, Self-Organization, and the Dynamics Of Turbulence

Coordinators: Dennice Gayme, John Gibson, and Tobias Schneider

Scientific Advisors: Predrag Cvitanović​, Bruno Eckhardt, and Mike Graham

Turbulence remains one of physics' longest-standing and gnarliest problems. The equations of motion have been known for almost two hundred years, but turbulent solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations are complex beyond closed-form expression. In recent years great strides have been made in the numerical computation of recurrent solutions to Navier-Stokes, in the form of steady states, traveling waves, and periodic orbits, in a wide variety of canonical flows. These recurrent solutions and their low-dimensional instabilities have been shown to constrain and structure the dynamics of transitionally turbulent flows in closed domains, and they suggest that recurrent solutions might be the key to unlocking problem of turbulence more broadly.

The goal of this conference is to convene researchers with a wide variety of expertise in turbulence, in order to assess the current state of recurrent-solutions research and to shape the directions of future work. Of particular interest are furthering the development and application of recurrent solutions for:

  • Reduced-order models of turbulent dynamics
  • Spatially extended flows and pattern formation 
  • High Reynolds numbers and multiple length scales
  • Non-Newtonian fluids

PLEASE NOTE: During the conference there will be an opportunity to present a poster. If you are interested in presenting a poster please visit the conference website and submit your title and abstract. Each poster board is 4 feet high x 6 feet wide. We ask that the posters be no larger than 44 inches high x 34 inches wide at the most.