Turbulence in the Universe

Coordinators: Axel Brandenburg, Gregory Howes, Sasha Tchekhovskoy and Siyao Xu

Turbulence is an important process in various astrophysical environments and over vast scales. These environments range from the interior of stars, the solar wind, accretion flows, disks, jets, the interstellar medium and the circumgalactic medium, to the intra-cluster medium. The past few decades have seen great advances in both observational and theoretical studies of astrophysical turbulence. The advances in understanding and measuring turbulence have also brought significant changes to many branches of astronomy.

This conference will bring together turbulence experts from a wide range of subfields in astrophysics and physics. The goal is to encourage and enhance interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations. The conference will cover many topics, including: turbulent dynamo, magnetic reconnection, plasma physics, space physics, unresolved physics and sub-grid models in numerical simulations, turbulence in the laboratory, new observational techniques for diagnosing turbulence, connecting observations and models, and astrophysical applications of magnetized turbulence (e.g. star formation, cosmic rays, accretion, galaxy formation and evolution).

This conference is holding a poster session, participants are welcome to bring a poster. Poster boards will be provided for posters to be displayed for viewing and discussion during conference week. We ask that the posters be no larger than 44 inches high x 34 inches wide at the most (it is important to follow these measurements or posters may be turned down due to limited space).