Non-Equilibrium Universality in Many-Body Physics

Coordinators: Leticia F. Cugliandolo, Kaden Hazzard, Mohammad Maghrebi, and Jörg Schmiedmayer

This hybrid conference will be available to both online and in-person participants.

The advent of quantum simulators have ushered a new era of non-equilibrium many-body physics and has sparked a dialogue between seemingly disparate fields. This conference will explore universal aspects of many-body systems far from equilibrium at the interface of statistical physics, AMO, condensed matter and high-energy physics, by bringing together scientists from these diverse communities. Our focus is on novel phases of matter far from equilibrium and their associated universality classes that emerge beyond equilibrium paradigms. Diverse topics will be covered including short-time universality, entanglement dynamics, and mapping between classical and quantum non-equilibrium systems. Our goal is to identify aspects of high-energy physics that can inform non-equilibrium condensed and AMO systems and vice versa, with an eye towards realizing experiments which can sharpen our understanding of far-from-equilibrium universality