• Bikeway maps are no longer available from KITP Residence Manager. Bike maps can be purchased at local bike shops. However, the map can be viewed or downloaded online from Traffic Solutions. There are also smartphone map apps available for download. And google maps will provide biking directions as well. To locate Kohn Hall on google maps use "Kohn Hall Isla Vista CA".
  • SB Bicycle Coalition and the Goleta Valley Cycling Club provide general information about regional biking.


Many KITP visitors have gotten bikes from:

Isla Vista Bicycle Boutique

882 Embaracadero del Mar

Isla Vista

(805) 968-3338 

They have an assortment of used bikes in varying conditions. IV Bike Boutique sells you the bike and then buys it back minus the rental fee. Their current rates are available on their website.

UCSB Associated Students Bicycle Shop offers a number of bicycle services right on campus. It rents and sells bicycles, performs repairs, and also has repair stands, tool loan, and repair instruction if you prefer to work on your own bike. The shop is located at Trailer 324, or by phone at 893-3610. There is an air compressor for filling tires that is located at the end of the trailer, which is available 24 hours each day. They have a limited number of rental bikes; call ahead to check whether one is available.

Santa Barbara CarFree has a list of other bicycle rental places.  Some participate in the Car-Free Discount program.

The GVCC has a list of local cycle shops (only some of which rent.)

Some KITP visitors buy a used bicycle for between $100 and $180 and then sell the bike to an incoming KITP visitor. One drawback to this is that the KITP does not have facilities for storing the bike if the buyer arrives after you have left.  For a multi-month visit, this is likely to be cheaper than renting. 

See our biking page for information about maps and clubs in the local area.

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