KITP Staff

All phone numbers have the area code 805 and the prefix 893. All rooms are located in Kohn Hall at KITP, UC Santa Barbara.
Amy Burgard
Financial Manager
1108, x6339
Demi Cain
KITP Development Coordinator
1230, x6350
Timothy Czerniec
1113, x5426
Claudia Gutierrez
Conference Coordinator
1103, x6383
Alina Gutierrez
Online Talks - Production & IT Coordinator
2104, x2896
David Kaczorowski
Program Manager
1111, x6387
Timber Kelley
Program & Financial Coordinator
1112, x6380
Craig Kunimoto
Systems Administrator
2102, x6315
Carlos Marquez
Residence Manager
1107, x1137
Kristi Newton
Development Officer
1504, x6307
Bibiana Rojas
Visitor Services Coordinator
1102, x4111
Maggie Sherriffs
Special Programs & Evaluation Manager
1114, x6332
Lori Staggs
Special Event and Financial Assistant
1107, x1137
Lisa Stewart
Chief Administrative Officer
1512, x6316
Anne Turley
Financial Analyst
Martine White
Special Assistant
1220, x6363
Rolando Zarate
Help Desk Support Lead
2107, x6373