Important note for non-U.S. residents about Liability & Collision insurance

Insurance requirements can make rentals by non-U.S. residents quite expensive, adding $20-$30/day to the cost.  Several visitors have told us that they saved considerably on insurance costs by prearranging car rental via an agency in their home country or online before leaving home. Even if you do no not prearrange the rental, you may be able to purchase insurance coverage independently for much less than from the car rental agency.  For example, residents of Western Europe can buy a policy online at, operated by Towergate Underwriting Group.  (Although their policy provides coverage for a year for one low premium, note that you must renew your car rental contract after 60 days.)   If you will be renting for more than a week, you will almost certainly save money.  (Please let us know of any other such companies.)