Current KITP COVID-19 Restrictions & Local Information

Updated July 5, 2022
In addition to providing verification of a COVID-19 vaccination, all visitors must follow UCSB and Santa Barbara County Public Health Department requirements while in KITP facilities. 

  • Starting July 5, 2022: Masks are required in all indoor spaces at KITP.
  • Anyone receiving guests in the Munger Residence is responsible for ensuring that their guests abide by the same guidelines.
Visitors should also take universal prevention measures including hand washing, avoiding close contact with others, and shielding coughs and sneezes. 
Afternoon coffee and cookies are served in the Kohn Hall courtyard. We encourage KITP visitors to take advantage of the courtyard and the Munger Residence’s many patios for your scientific and social gatherings!
If you or someone you live with are exhibiting any Covid-19 symptoms or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, do not report to Kohn Hall. Please isolate, seek appropriate medical care as needed and inform the departmental contacts listed below as soon as possible. Should you need an antigen test, please email so that we can get one to you.
Local area resources
Santa Barbara County is now running a Test to Treat center should you be interested in getting this level of attention:
Lisa Stewart, Chief Administrative Officer
Lars Bildsten, Director 
Campus community members are strongly encouraged to report a positive test result to the campus COVID-19 Call Center at or (805) 893-3113.