Past Exhibitions



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David Em
Independent Artist, Los Angeles, CA
Jean-Pierre Hébert
KITP Artist in Residence, UCSB
Paul Hertz
Independent Artist, Evanston, IL
Robert J. Lang
Independent Artist, Alamo, CA

David Em presents a short retrospective of his digital printmaking, while Jean-Pierre Hébert shows his current drawings, snapshots of time and change. Paul Hertz evolves his tilings of the plane in different media, while Robert Lang concentrates on the mathematics of paper folding.

David Em has pioneered digital printmaking from the mid seventies and he continues to explore the latest possibilities of the technology. Jean-Pierre Hébert focuses on drawings and sand or water installations. Paul Hertz works in digital and traditional media, with particular interest in intermedia, algorithmic composition, and performance. Robert Lang is a master of the art of origami and is scheduled to come to UCSB and lecture in February 2010.

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