The Physics of California

Event Date: 
February 1, 2006
Lars Bildsten, KITP
Phil Arras, KITP

Ever wonder why the big waves hit the beach every ten seconds? How those redwoods can be so tall? Just how snapping shrimp snap? There are many natural phenomena in California that can be explained by classical physics. Lars Bildsten and KITP postdoc Phil Arras have introduced a new undergraduate physics course at UCSB that teaches fluid mechanics and its naturally occurring applications. In this Chalk Talk, Lars and Phil will show you a few of the more exciting examples they have uncovered!


Speaker Bio: 
Lars Bildsten is a permanent member at KITP and professor in the Physics Department at U.C. Santa Barbara. He received his PhD in theoretical physics from Cornell University in 1991, and was at Caltech as the Lee A. DuBridge Research Fellow in Theoretical Astrophysics until 1995, when he was appointed assistant professor in both the Physics and Astronomy departments at U.C. Berkeley. Phil Arras is a postdoctoral researcher at KITP. He received his PhD in physics from Cornell University in 1999 and was a researcher at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics until 2002, when he moved to KITP as an NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow.