Chalk Talks

About four times a year we hold Chalk Talks for the Friends of the KITP. These special events are preceded by a light meal and refreshments and then move into our intimate Auditorium where you will hear from a leading scientist about their research. The hallmark of these talks is informality, with questions encouraged during the talk, and, of course after as well. Please join the Friends so that you can enjoy these special events.

Chalk Talks Archive

Speaker Event Date Event Title Talks
David Kaplan, JHU & KITP July 14, 2011 Dramatic Impact: A Visit to the LHC
Alejandro Casazi, Birgit Faustmann, Jean-Pierre Hébert, Manfred Mohr, Victor Raphael, Kay Wiese May 10, 2011 Artists in Discussion with Peter Frank: Arts, Science & Algorithms
Dr. Chris Reynolds, Univ. of Maryland April 20, 2011 The Environmental Impact of Black Holes
Lars Bildsten, KITP November 5, 2010 Inauguration to the Wayne Rosing, Simon and Diana Raab Chair in Theoretical Astrophysics: Exploding Stars
Dr. Charles F. Stevens, Salk Institute September 30, 2010 How Computers and the Brain are the Same and Different, and How Physics Can Help Explain This
Dr. Lars Bildsten, KITP April 28, 2010 Exploding Stars!