Chalk Talks

About four times a year we hold Chalk Talks for the Friends of the KITP. These special events are preceded by a light meal and refreshments and then move into our intimate Auditorium where you will hear from a leading scientist about their research. The hallmark of these talks is informality, with questions encouraged during the talk, and, of course after as well. Please join the Friends so that you can enjoy these special events.

Chalk Talks Archive (Past Events)

Speaker Event Date Event Title Talks
Boris Shraiman, KITP September 18, 2009 Inauguration to the Susan F. Gurley Chair in Theoretical Physics and Biology: Adventures at the Edge of Physics
Dr. Richard Neher, KITP August 6, 2009 Sex, Viruses, and the Statistical Physics of Evolution
Dr. Douglas Heggie, University of Edinburgh April 2, 2009 The Million Body Problem
David Gross, Henry Yang, Monica Curry, Ann Rice, Kathryn Moler December 9, 2008 Inauguration of the Drs. Ann and Myron Rice Family Fund for the KITP
Juna Kollmeier, Carnegie Observatories November 20, 2008 The Great Escape: Hypervelocity Stars in the Milky Way
Dr. Tom Abel, KIPAC, Stanford November 14, 2007 The First Things in the Universe