How to participate in a KITP Program

What does it mean to participate in a program at KITP?

At KITP you will be in residence long enough to form new collaborations and carry out substantive research in novel directions. To achieve this we emphasize long stays (typical minimum is three weeks), and have no more than 1-2 formal talks per day, leaving time for informal interactions with colleagues.


Who is eligible to participate in a program?  

Only those with PhDs are invited to participate in programs via an application and invitation process. Earlier career scientists can participate either as an Affiliate supported by their advisor (who is in residence), or by applying to the Graduate Fellow Program. 


How to apply to a program?

Select a program that best aligns with your scientific interests and research from the Future Programs list and apply.  


What is the selection process and when will I be notified of the outcome?

Visiting scientists from other institutions who lead KITP programs are called Program Coordinators. They  manage the selection and invitation process, with guidance from the KITP program management team.  

KITP programs receive more applications than there are available resources. When deciding who to invite, coordinators assess an applicant's capacity to share knowledge and collaborate within the subject-area of the program, as well as to talk across disparate fields or sub-fields. Other considerations include racial, gender, career-stage and sub-field diversity, as well as availability for a long stay. 

The application solicits a description of your primary research areas and goals, as well as links to up to 3 representative papers. Coordinators also rely on their own judgments as active participants in the field of their program, to determine—to the best of their ability—your potential contribution to the scientific goals of the program.

Invitations from KITP are sent 6-12 months before the start of the program.


If accepted as a program participant, what support is available?

KITP provides local housing accommodations for all invited program participants who have accepted their invitation and provided housing needs. 

There is no guarantee on the specific housing option offered, as all assignments are based on availability. Participants are notified of assignments approximately three months prior to their visit.  

We generally do not provide additional support for transportation or per diem expenses, though we are open to requests that are needs based.