Contributing to the Life of the Institute

There are many ways to contribute to the life of the institute. We urge you to become involved, and encounter the fascinating ideas of emerging science and the remarkable people expanding our knowledge of the universe on a daily basis.

Donate Online

Now you can make your gift to KITP online. Click the button below to go to our Online Giving page and use the drop-down menu to identify where you would like to direct your support. The Director's Fund option is for unrestricted support to be allocated for priorities identified by the KITP Director, such as scientific programs, the Family Fund, and a variety of community outreach and educational activities. The Endowment option directs your gift to helping to establish a critically important general endowment for the institute, securing its future and leadership at the frontiers of science. All gifts to KITP are valued for the impact they make to its leadership.

Donate Now!

Institute Endowment

The institute is committed to raising nearly $30 million for fundamental endowment needs that encompass a general endowment fund, new research initiatives, endowed chairs for the five Permanent Members, outreach programs and support for Distinguished Members.

Philanthropic Gifts

Thoughtful gifts contribute to the enduring success of the KITP and the vision of its faculty and donors.