West Cottages

There are UCSB guest cottages available for visiting scholars, each with a number of bedrooms with baths (some have shared baths) about 3 miles from Kohn Hall, near Devereux lagoon and quite close to the beach. There are shared kitchen facilities and shared open living spaces. There are options for couples and families. KITP will reimburse a bicycle rental up to $100 in addition to the normal per diem.

The rooms require a minimum stay of 5 nights, and they range in cost from $115 to $130 per room per night, depending on the type of room and the length of stay. Reservations should be made as early as possible, as there are a limited number of rooms available. Payment in full is required to make a reservation. There is a $50 per room cancellation fee.

See the West Cottages website for further information or to make a reservation.

NOTE: KITP visitors make their own reservations for West Cottage units. KITP does not make these reservations for our visitors.

Bicycle route to KITP (There are others.)

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There are no UCSB buses that run between West Cottages and campus.  Nearby municipal bus routes include 27, 15x, 24x.  The first two lines only stop at North Hall, but 24x also stops at the East Gate traffic circle very nearby KITP.